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Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Black Life Story, an online platform that is committed to preserve the history, contributions, and efforts of Africans, African-Americans and ascendants of the African Diaspora. Our goal is to control the narrative of the African community and celebrate their life contributions in terms of art, music, literature, entertainment, free expression, the sciences, culture, and community.

Our contributors believe that by preserving and controlling the narrative of Black peoples, we will be the truth bearers for future generations of African people, and in the sprit of living a true reality, (or TRUE-ALITY) we will preserve the integrity of the BLACK LIFE STORY, while fact checking the falsehoods of world HIS-STORY. (or as some may say History.)

Stay Involved

Now that you know about us, we want to get to know you. Find out how you can link with us to help grow and sustain our communities.

Check out our radio station, BLACK LIFE RADIO, streaming 24/7 with a variety of offerings from affiliate stations and producers. Listen Now to select the best in Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Blues, House, Go-Go and more.

Check Us Out

Check out our BLOG and EVENTS page to stay connected to where we are and what we do for the community.



Check out BLACK LIFE NEWS, our community blog, reporting current news and events highlighting Black culture. We gather relevant information from our trusted sources and community partners to provide thought provoking reads on a variety of topics.


Stay Locked

Check out our Online TV On Demand station, THE TST NETWORK, streaming 24/7  via Roku TV, FireTV Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV with regularly scheduled independent content to a base of over 98 million viewers.  We’re focused on providing exclusive content to a diverse audience.

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